Canucks Cult Classic: Rick Rypien is your champion

Back in March I started up a Canucks Cult Classic tournament (only players who played in the last 20 years were in it) to try and give Canucks fans a fond look back at some of the players who might not have achieved the heights of fame of superstars, but still enjoyed a period of time in the fans heart. To let us look back at some old hockey clips, and have a good laugh at times gone by.

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To no one’s surprise, Rick Rypien won the entire tournament (You can check out the tournament bracket HERE). The outpouring of love and affection for Rick from Canucks Nation continues to this day, a testament to the popularity of the kid from Alberta. As hard as Rick fought for the Canucks on the ice, Canucks Nation will continue to match that effort by fighting on his behalf off the ice, keeping his memory strong.

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Eddie “Bedroom Eyes” Lack took second place, which again, was not much of a surprise. Eddie’s popularity on Twitter combined with the voting process taking place on Twitter, solidified a strong voter base for him to ride all the way to the finals. It’s hard not to vote for the guy who lives the taco life so hard that he has an actual tattoo of a taco on his body now.

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Third place was taking by The Hoff, or as we fondly remember him, “The last defenseman who looked good on the Canucks powerplay.” He took out a surprisingly popular Mason Raymond with a close 55% to 45% victory.

Other fun notes from the tourney:

  • The biggest margin of victory was the absolute beating Rick Rypien gave Darren Langdon in Round 1, with a 97% to 3% victory, with at least one of those 3% admitting the voted Langdon by mistake
  • Recency bias and the popularity of the 2011 run powered all 2011 representatives through round one, with none of them losing their match ups
  • As much as people ragged on Mason Raymond, there is a lot of love for the guy who set the standard for “skates really fast and falls down a lot”. He got 74% of the vote or higher for the first four rounds until he got KO’d by the champ Rick Rypien in round 5.
  • Round One match up between Andrew Alberts and Rory Fitzpatrick ended in a tie, which had to be decided upon by Sportsnet’s Dan Murphy. He went with Alberts, leaving Fitzpatrick once again on the outside in a voting situation.
  • Lee Sweatt proved he was the superior Sweatt brother, taking out brother Billy 72% to 28% in the first round.
  • Anson Carter shockingly made it to the third round, taking out Trent “Drive him to the airport” Klatt, Aaron “5 FPS late” Rome, and Cody “The Chosen One” Hodgson before Eddie Lack dropped him with a taco.
  • Jayson Megna did not get out of the first round, sadly. Tanner Glass of all people smacked him 90% to 10%. Coach Willie voted as hard as he could on all the devices he owned, but it was to no avail.
  • Rypien tore through some of the big favorites and had arguably the toughest path to the finals. His list of opponents included Maxim Lapierre, Kyle Wellwood, Jarko Ruutu, Mason Raymond, and Eddie Lack.

To everyone who partook in this fun little exercise, I thank you for your comments, memories, and talks we had along the way. It was a lot of fun, and I will be doing another tournament of sorts like this next March (but with a different theme)! Until then…


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