The curious history of Kevin Weekes

While doing my Canucks Cult Classic tournament, Kevin Weekes’ name came up when he faced off against Raffi Torres in the vote off. Some people wondered why Kevin Weekes made the Cult Classic list. Well, children, gather round and let me tell you a tale…

Kevin “Goalie of the Future” Weekes arrived in Vancouver via the infamous Pavel Bure trade. Dave “Not a throw in” Gagner, Ed Jovanovski, and Mike “Which one” Brown.

There were high hopes for Kevin Weekes, as the team had been in a constant state of “please dear god we need a number one goalie” ever since Kirk McLean’s career began to spiral downwards after 1994. Dubbed “The goalie of the future” by Brian Burke, Weekes’ play in Vancouver was highly anticipated. People were desperate for a high return on Bure (Jovo was the big piece in the trade, but nobody was quite sure he’d turn into the player he eventually did for Vancouver), so a lot of eyes were on Kevin.

Alas, Weekes only lasted two seasons in Vancouver. He went 0-8-1 in his first season, and 6-7-4 in his second. He had brief flashes of potential but he never lived up to the large label Brian Burke had thrust upon him.

Now, goalies that don’t last long in Vancouver are nothing new. “The Goalie Graveyard” moniker wasn’t awarded to the city for no reason. What was interesting about Weekes was the turn of events that led to him being traded. Events that culminated in a debate over an injured knee, and a rather bizarre car jacking story.

On his way to the game, he’d gone into a dry cleaner in downtown
Vancouver to pick up some items he’d dropped off earlier. When he walked out of the shop, he was approached by a man.

“Are you Kevin Weekes?” the man allegedly asked.


“Follow me,” he said.

At this point, Weekes told coaches and team security, the robber hopped in his car and started driving.

It’s worth a read, the article also goes over Marc Crawford absolutely losing his shit at Kevin Weekes over his knee injury, as well as the rest of the details of the alleged carjacking incident.

I often think of time periods in Canucks history as Before Social Media and After Social Media and can’t help but think that Kevin Weekes is lucky this occurred before Twitter had reached it’s height. Think of the piles of car pictures people would be tweeting at Weekes…

So yes, while Kevin Weekes might not have had a long storied career in Vancouver, he certainly earned his spot in the Canucks Cult Classic tournament. A story that will live in Canucks history infamy.




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