Canucks Cult Classic Tournament!

In the proud tradition of “oh shit it’s March Madness time, I better hop on that sweet sweet bracket madness goodness and do something for my brand”, here comes my entry into all things tournament related…

The Canucks Cult Classic Tournament!

So, the premise is simple. I didn’t want to do a “Best Caunck of all time!!!” tournament because that would just boil down to the same 6 guys, and eventually Henrik Sedin would be given the crown, with someone complaining about Pavel Bure getting shafted.

Rather than do that, I thought it would be fun to do a tournament to crown the lesser known guys. Maybe a guy who didn’t have quite the career of the top guys, but had an impact in Vancouver nonetheless (negative or positive).

This means it could be a guy who had a solid period of hockey in Vancouver but was always kind of lost in the shadows to other superstars. Maybe it’s a guy who had one magical moment on the ice that stands out in your mind. Maybe it’s a guy who was notorious for¬†something. Maybe it’s just a guy, standing front of a girl, asking you to love them. For whatever reason, maybe you found someone on this list that you just became a huge fan of, and you want to see them win.

I set the parameters to plays within the last 20 years to make this as accessible to people as possible, so the younger folks didn’t have to pretend to know who Jiri Bubla was. I also tried to avoid the recency effect by not taking anyone from the last year or two, mostly because I fear everyone voting Jayson Megna out of spite.

As with all tournament choices, there will probably be some names on here you think should have made the cut. I asked a panel of hockey experts to vet this list, and we agreed upon these names. Experts ok? So back off. I SAID BACK OFF.

Also the seeding in this tournament is random, so don’t jump all over me for Mason Raymond being ranked number 1.

I will tweet out the match ups on the ol’ Twitter box, and you can check out the list of names and tournament progress here:

OK, let’s keep this clean, and have fun out there, you know? Let’s just have some fun. Stick to the systems. Give it 110%.


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