Pulling back on the sports anger

OK, so one of the things I’ve seen recently in sports is the idea of getting mad at “the process”. You know, you see a team do something you feel is stupid, so you get mad at them for it. They make a trade based on an ideology you hate, they draft a player based on metrics you can’t stand, or they waive a player and it drives your asset management radar bonkers.

There is nothing inherently wrong with that. You might not always be right in your assessment. But you have a belief system, and you’re seeing someone go against that. They are metaphorically spitting in your face. It’s like watching the Price is Right and seeing someone make a stupid bid. How can they not see they should have bet a $1?? Use your head, people!

The side effect that comes with this thinking, however, is it makes you the Hulk. The secret is you’re always angry. Even if that trade ends up being amazing because the guy your team dealt broke his legs in a freak ostrich riding accident, even if that guy they drafted ends up eating ooze in a sewer and turns into Teenage Mutant Ninja Virtanen, you can still get mad at “the process”.

“Sure, they lucked out, but my god, those idiots didn’t deserve it.” you exclaim, shouting at the sky. “Can’t they see his OHL scoring rate was so god awful that he should have went in the fifth round??” you scream, spittle covering your monitor.

Now, again, there is nothing wrong with this. Looking at the process, being concerned about future decisions, worrying that the team is going to have to rely on blind luck to get them wins, that’s all valid. The problem is it can drive a man insane.

Which is why I am fine with Corrado and Vey going on waivers today. At least, I won’t react until I see if they get claimed or not. Sure, asset management looks bad in that you’re potentially giving away a 2nd rounder in Vey, and a potential NHL player in Corrado (on a team where defensive depth is questionable), but until that happens, I am going to sit back and not get angry.

If the players get through waivers, awesome! Way to go Benning! You managed to give your young kids a spot on the team to start the season (a spot they earned), and you managed to retain your assets. I don’t care if it was risky, I am going to take this as a win. Because I want to keep my sanity. I need to remember to be a fan sometimes and just be happy with the results once in a while. I don’t want to over analyze every single thing that happens. Sometimes I have to remind myself to pace myself when getting upset about the direction of the team.

Again, for all we know, Vey and Corrado don’t have any takers at all. There is a lot of talent on the waiver wire right now, and every year players get through waivers that people think will get taken for sure.

So until the dust settles, I am just going to sit back and see if Benning the River Boat Gambler has pulled a fast one. I will applaud him if he does. Because you know what? Sometimes it’s fun to just accept the result. Though believe me, I totally understand it if you want to be angry about it. I just don’t have the energy to do it today.



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