The Best and Worst of Gotham: Episode 5

Best: Bruce finally tells Alfred to do his damn job


Alfred is a butler. His job is to do what Bruce wants, and maybe occasionally give him some solid advice that helps Lil’ Wayne see things in a new light.

Instead of doing this, Alfred spends his time demeaning Lil’ Wayne, talking down to him, trying to stop him from looking into his parents murders, and getting super angry whenever Bruce refused to eat his food. “But I made these eggs for YOU!”

Despite all of this, Lil’ Wayne remained steadfastly polite to Alfred, and did his best to put up with the angry old man screaming at him all the time. Until Alfred threatened to throw all of Bruce’s hard work into the fire.

That’s right, Bruce, who has painstakingly gone through his parents entire company. discovering possible fraud, corruption, and scandal, sits there while his butler tells him he wants to throw it all in the fire.

It is at this point Bruce tells Alfred to shut the fuck up, and do as he’s told and go be a god damn butler. Alfred has the decency to look a bit ashamed of himself, before sitting down and finally helping Bruce look through files, instead of being a dick.

I still think Michael Caine is going to burst out of a closet one day, revealing how an impostor Alfred had tied him up for years in the basement, and that’s how Lil’ Wayne finds the Batcave in Gotham.

Best: Batman lore being introduced into Gotham


Obviously in a show about the Batman world that doesn’t involve Batman, you’re going to run into some problems in how maintain fan interest, not just from hardcore Batman fans, but from casual viewers who just want to see a good show.

So while you will always need at least a solid base show to keep all viewers coming back week after week, introducing Batman lore can help cover up some of those trouble spots when your show is struggling to find its rhythm, and at least keep the Batman fans appeased.

Case in point, the introduction of Venom/Viper in episode five. While Viper was made purely for the TV show, it is introduced as the pre-cursor to “Venom”, which is very much a huge part of Batman lore, as this is the hardcore steroid based drug that would go on to power Bane, who would eventually break Batman’s back in the Knightfall comic book story arc.

This allows Batman fans to giggle, point to their friends and go “That shit is like Venom!!” which makes them happy, and allows them to ignore the fact there is not one likable good guy in this entire TV series aside from Lil’ Wayne.

Worst: Kitten Girl needs to stop trying so hard


Broad daylight and you’re jumping down onto the top of cars, across the street from the cops, then pick pocketing a person right in front of said cops? Get out of here.

Worst: Further proof Nigma is getting a bum deal


That’s Gordon and Harvey, getting lunch, joking around, acting like the two bestest friends in the world. Harvey has done nothing but make Jim’s life harder, not only by trying to stop him from being a good cop, but also by actually telling him to murder Penguin, which has led to some huge problems for him.

Yet Gordon can still have lunch with ol’ Harvey and joke around, while anytime they see Enigma that basically tell him to go kill himself. Bullshit!

Best: ATM robberies


Dude running down the street with an ATM made me laugh. The actor sold it perfectly, too. Look at that face! He’s so proud of himself.

Worst: Fish Mooney’s talking style


I talked in the past about how Jim Gordon would clip his words in what looked like an homage to 1920’s mobsters, but that one is very subtle, and you have to be paying attention to want to get annoyed by it.

Jade Pinkett-Smith on the other hand has a much more in your face style of talking that I have officially had enough of. She basically talks like Phoebe from Friends when she did her fake posh accent (Go to the 29 second mark):

That’s all I hear anytime she talks. I want it to stop.

Worst: Jazz riffs now??


Last week we avoided all rock riffs and it was amazing. This week, during a scene in which the cops are trying to hunt down a man who has unleashed a drug into the homeless population that is causing them to gain super strength and get extremely violent, they had a nice jazz riff going on.

Just….come on guys. Work with me here.

Best: Cool side effects from Viper


I don’t need the science behind explaining things to make 100% sense, just as long as they give an effort. That’s all I ask.

They did this well in episode five by explaining how Viper works. Viper gives the user super strength by burning off calcium (hence their need to drink milk, ALL OF THE MILK) and eventually the people collapse into a little rubble of flesh.

Best: Nigma solves another case


Just in case you were wondering, Nigma not only figured out the drug and its side effects in like under a day, he also pointed Harvey and Gordon in the direction of the company behind it.

YOU’RE WELCOME, GOTHAM. Harvey and Gordon probably shit in his back pack as a thank you.

Best: Penguin moving on up


Penguin grinding his way to the top is fun to watch and is one of the best parts of the show. Hiding behind his bumbling appearance, when deep down he will murder the shit out of you when he gets the chance, makes him a fascinating character to watch. On top of that, his weird relationship with Gordon continues, which again, I am very interested to see where it’s headed.

Worst: The writing, oh the writing


In one scene Harvey has been looking through evidence boxes, searching for info on the guy behind the Viper drug. Gordon picks up a box with a picture conveniently sitting on top and goes “Looks like a friend….judging by the books…philosophy professor. Let’s check it out.”

Can we at least pretend once in a while that some real detective work goes on? Aside from when Lil’ Wayne does it?

Best: Gordon finally remembers to use his gun!


Gordon’s inability to use his gun has gotten himself into quite the pickle many a time. In this episode, he finally shows that he does indeed know how to use a gun!

Worst: This is probably the one time he shouldn’t have used his gun


That’s the guy Gordon shot. Holding his partner up against the wall. Gordon shot him while he was holding his partner right in front of him. If that bullet goes through crazy old man it hits Harvey right in the balls.

Best: Lil’ Wayne stirring shit up


Because Gotham is run by a bunch of what I assume are countless generations of inbred families, Bruce Wayne’s short foray into the corruption of his parents company is blowing the bad guys away. The board of directors is honestly shocked that someone finally figured out they might be corrupt and they have no idea what to do. I kind of love it. Tiny Batman is fucking their shit up and they are scrambling to find a way to respond.

“Guys, this kid asked more questions in one night than the entire Gotham PD has in the last 10 years! WHAT DO WE DO??”

Worst: Gordon really shouldn’t use his gun


Ok, NOW I am starting to see why Gordon is better off not shooting anything.

So to recap, Viper acts like an airborne disease, which not only makes whomever breathes it in turn into a super strong homicidal freak, it also kills them a few hours later.

Gordon, using every single part of his brain, decides the best course of action to stop a man from pumping this into an enclosed ballroom, is to shoot a canister of Viper on top of the roof. Where the drug could:

A) float into the atmosphere and descend upon even more people.

B) Hit Gordon and kill him as well.

The only person who should be making a call on this is Nigma. (A problem they could have easily solved by having Nigma explain that once exposed to oxygen the drug lasts only a couple of seconds. See, the science doesn’t need to be concrete, just make a small effort to cover up scenes like these.)

Worst: Gordon’s plan on how to avoid breathing in the gas



Ah yes, polyester, always a solid gas mask.

Best: The corruption in Wayne Corp angle


Harvey and Gordon got tipped off to check out Warehouse 39 (from the guy who released the Viper drug) and they found nothing inside of it. Instead we found Mathis, the lady who described herself as middle management (thus proving that middle management is always evil) watching the cops and deciding to let them live.

This is awesome because I want to know how corrupt Wayne Corp is. I want to know if Bruce’s parents knew about how deep it went. I also want to see Lil’ Wayne take them down. This long story arc is a very good one.

Best: Fish Mooney’s creepy plan


That woman Fish Mooney brought on board to trap Falcone somehow went from me thinking “simple seduction” to “get her to dress and act like Falcone’s dead mother” which is both gross and intriguing. What’s the end game here? Is seduction still involved? Or is it purely putting her in a position where Falcome looks on her as a motherly figure and ends up trusting her? Because if Falcone ends up banging her, that’s super gross.

Either way, well played Fish Mooney.


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