Things I am thankful for

With Thanksgiving coming up, I felt like what better time than now to start a post about being thankful? IT WORKS SO PERFECTLY.

As many of you know, I still continue my pursuit of making writing a full time job for myself. There have been many ups and downs along that path, but today I want to focus on the good stuff.

1) I am thankful for the creative people I work with when undertaking random fun projects. Whether it is getting Bowman to spend 3 days in a row working on an NHL Royal Rumble, or working on a new Canucks comic with Chris, or even something as simple as planning recaps for a TV show with people from Twitter, it’s been a huge rush to work with other creative people.

There is just a certain feeling you get when you work with people who have that passion and drive in their eyes as they flex their creative muscle that is just intoxicating to be around. Nothing is as exciting for me as when I am working with people or working around people in this environment.

Johnny Canuck, the guy who does the Canucks intros, even just watching him talk about his process or work through his process for making his videos, is super interesting to me and reminds me there is a light at the end of my office job tunnel.

2) I am thankful I have been lucky enough to write for The Province and . If you had told me years ago I would have been published under both of these companies, I would have laughed at you and told you to get the hell out of my house. My writing aspirations could end tomorrow and I would still be very proud I was able to write for them. Yes, at times I feel burnt out, frustrated at the job environment, and want to stab things, but I always remind myself that it’s still pretty awesome I got to experience some of the things I have. Writing in press row? That’s still god damn cool to me. Eddie Lack trash talking my fantasy football team and Roberto Luongo asking me for photoshops? Amazing.

3) I am thankful for the people I talk to on Twitter. It might seem like I am sucking up, but I am not. I truly enjoy interacting with everyone, and without you guys, I wouldn’t even be in the position I am in. Your support whether it be a kind word about my articles, or simply following me on Twitter so big companies take more notice of me due to my follower count, has been a huge help to me. The fact you guys take time out of your day to read my stuff and sometimes actively bug me to do more, is amazing, and at times is one of the few things that can bring me out of a writing depression. Even just talking about random crappy TV shows with people on Twitter is fun for me and I am glad you guys chat with me on hockey, life, and donuts.

4) You meet some grade A assholes in the writing business and you meet some really nice people in the business. I cannot express how thankful I am to the people who have treated me nicely in this business. Coming in as a rookie and being unsure of myself, people in the business who have taken the time to encourage me and treat me like a human being, that has meant more than you will ever know. It has also taught me to treat anyone I meet in the business just starting out the same way, because I know how valuable that is to people who need a helping hand.

To the people who were assholes to me, don’t worry, you’re on a list.

5) I am also thankful to the people who took a chance on this untested blogger, or fought on my behalf, to give me a chance to write for their platforms. Canucks Army, Nucks Misconduct,, The Province, Vancity Buzz, I appreciate the chances you’ve given me.

It makes me work for twice as hard for you guys, and often times for no money, because I want to prove that your faith in me was correct. Thanks for having my back!

6) I am thankful to my LOBNHL brothers. It still amazes me the friendships that arose out of a video game, and I am more proud of the LOB Brotherhood than most things I’ve been a part of. You guys have been a huge shoulder to lean on when I’ve needed it, and it’s awesome knowing you’ll always have my back. Unless it’s a LOB Up. Then I know you might plow me into the boards.

7) I am also thankful to B4-4, as they created the best song of all time. Thank you guys. May your tips stay frosted, and your puka shells stay puka’d

8) I am thankful for my BOOOOOM hockey team, which is the best group of guys I’ve ever played with. I look forward to locker room beers ever year with you guys. Room temp. Always room temp.

There are probably a ton more people I am thankful for, but that would take too long, so I will save it for next year’s list. I just wanted to take some time out and appreciate some of the the good things in my life and thank some people who helped make it happen.


4 thoughts on “Things I am thankful for

  1. Not to sound too cheesy, but in a year that has been pretty hard I’m thankful for people like you that have the creativity to write stuff that made me laugh on a regular basis. thanks for putting your creative self out there for us to enjoy.

    Hope you get to quit the office job soon!
    Happy Thanksgiving

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