ALS donations

I have never started a charity or gathered money for one in my life. I have donated money, but I’ve never been the one to be a driving force behind a charity, I just kind of fell into the bystander effect of letting everyone else raise money for causes.

However, one of my good friends recently started a charity to raise money for ALS, and I want to help out in any way I can. I want to give back to the world I live in instead of being a bystander.

So here is the run down. I run a video game hockey league on the Xbox that started back in 2012. It initially just started out as a fun way to play hockey with some random dudes online. It has since evolved into a brotherhood of sorts, where I consider the guys in this league my friends. It has now become much more than just a video game league to me, as we hang out offline, crash at each other’s houses, and play real hockey together.

This is why when Justen (my co-commish of the league) heard that one of our members, Ryan, had lost his father to ALS, he realized that it would be a great place to start in trying to give back to the world. It is a great way to honor the memory of one of my LOB brothers father, and it will hopefully help, in any small way, future people who have their lives touched by ALS.

There are tons of reasons to not give money, all of them valid. You give to other charities, you don’t believe the money goes to the right places, you can’t afford it, etc etc. I completely understand and respect that.

If, however, you have even a couple of dollars lying around, and want to help out, it would be much appreciated. I would love to think I had some non monetary way to thank you for any donations (I can tweet a picture of me giving you a thumbs up? I’ll do a custom photoshop of you riding a unicorn??), but if there is any way you could donate even a small amount of money to this cause, it would honestly be truly appreciated by me and my LOB brothers. We have a small goal of $500 and are already at $150, so if we can manage to even raise $500, that would be pretty awesome.

Either way, thank you for reading, and again, any donations you can give, that would be tremendous.

Go to if you want to donate!

-Wyatt (El Stancho)


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