A day in which Stanchion gets super angry over a fake jersey

So I ordered a Team Canada Shea Weber jersey from a website in which I thought was legit, and it turned out it wasn’t. So yes, right off the bat I fully accept that I am an idiot for not doing my due diligence, and not heeding the warning of “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.”

Regardless, I still thought at the very least I would get a knock off jersey and attempt to have fun with it, or at the very use it for ball hockey. As it stands, I still don’t have my jersey, a month after ordering it, and I am now on the verge of murdering somebody. I normally applaud myself for being restrained online, but they finally pushed me too far.

My last E-mail to them:


OK, so here’s the thing, and I hope you can understand my frustration.

I go to your website, which claimed to be the official Team Canada jersey store (which it’s not, I know that now). But good on you guys for tricking me with your knock off jerseys. Lets just go over the chain of events that occurred, however, to see where my mind frame is at:

1) I try and place my order on the website and I don’t get a confirmation, all I got was an error screen saying it couldn’t put through my transaction. At this point I gave up and thought my attempts at buying a jersey were over.

2) A couple of days later I see you guys charged me for a jersey, even though nothing was confirmed. OK, that kind of sucks, so I contact you to ask if you can cancel the order or give me the status of my jersey.

3) I hear nothing from you, so I have to e-mail you again to find an update on an order that I was initially told didn’t go through. I was very frustrated at this point because this seems like below average customer service, but hey, maybe you’re busy, so I don’t get too bent out of shape.

4) You finally e-mail me back and make no mention of cancelling an order. I understand you want my money so you probably don’t want to give me an option to cancel my order, which again, is shitty customer service, but at this point I’ve realized I am not dealing with a company that cares too much about the customers, so I am just trying to at the very least get my shitty knock off jersey so I can at least pretend I got some value for my money.

5) You tell me the jersey hasn’t shipped yet, and then tell me it should ship in a couple of days.

6) A week passes and I have no jersey so I e-mail again, and you guys tell me it shipped and give me a tracking number.

7) The tracking number does not work. Shocking. So I e-mail you guys, again, and you tell me try a different tracking number (sure, why not), and this one tells me the jersey is in Canada, arrived here, was unable to be delivered DUE TO A WRONG ADDRESS, and was then shipped back to China. Leaving me with no jersey, just shame, eternal shame that I ever used your website.

8) I summon enough energy to want to try and contact you guys again, because I know at this point it’s like hitting my head into a brick wall, and ask what address you have written down for me.

9) You guys respond, and decide “Hey, let’s ignore another question, that seems like fun” and tell me “Sorry! It got sent back. But for $30 you can experience this adventure with us all over again, and we’ll send you your jersey back again!!!!” I assume with a wrong tracking number.

So after ALL of this, please explain to me why I should have to send another $30 to get a jersey that has already caused me enough headaches? It said on the tracking number the jersey couldn’t be delivered due to a wrong address, so if you’re not even willing to update said address or tell me what address you had written down, nor can I even rely upon a tracking number given to me so I can try and at the very least get the jersey from the shipping center, why would I just blindly give you $30 to do this all over again? It makes no sense. What are you doing on your end to ensure the jersey gets to me? It seems like a big bowl of nothing.

I suggest you send me the jersey again, at no extra shipping cost to myself, as that would make sense. I would suggest we confirm my address and try this one more time. I have a feeling you just want all of my money and will not do any of this. I will be speaking to my credit company to file a complaint because at this point, as I have not received what I paid for, nor do I think I am being treated fairly in how I can ever get my jersey. It just seems like a long future full of me handing over $30 after $30 in vain attempts to get the jersey to arrive at my actual house.

-Wyatt Arndt


2 thoughts on “A day in which Stanchion gets super angry over a fake jersey

  1. Maybe they exclusively deal in fake. Try photocopying $30 and mailing it to a random address in China. Then punch your keyboard and tell them thats the tracking number for your payment.

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