Canucks Royal Rumble – Name Lack’s finishing move

For those who follow my hockey writing, you will know that last year me and my friend Bowman created the NHL Royal Rumble:

Well we are doing it again this year, except before we do the NHL Royal Rumble 2, we are holding a Canucks Only Rumble to decide which Canucks representative will make the Rumble. We are doing this mostly because we write and work in a Vancouver market, so it’s fun to do a special event that is Vancouver only before we move onto the main event.

That being said, we are having a contest this year and we need your help. We want you, the people reading this (all four of you), to submit your ideas for Eddie Lack’s finishing move. This can be anything you want, but it has to be something that fits Eddie Lack. For the record, you cannot choose “Lack Attack” or “Back in Lack” as those have been done to death.

So submit your ideas to @thestanchion on twitter and let’s come up with a good name for Eddie’s finisher. The winner of the contest will not only win our gratitude, but they will also win a cameo in the Canucks Rumble itself. That’s right, if you submit a picture of your face, we will create you in our WWE 2K14 game and have you join us at the commentary table for a guest spot. This is the stuff dreams are made of.

So if you have some creativity in you right now, give it a shot, and submit those finishing move names to @thestanchion ! Let’s do this!


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