Life of a Blogger – Rambling mode activated

I assume most of you know my main “job” on twitter is talking about the Canucks. I tweet about hockey for around 85% of my tweets and I write about them for The Province Sports. For the most part, it’s an awesome gig. Are there drawbacks? Sure there are. Not getting paid for doing a ton of work, that wears on you after a while. Overall, though, the positive of getting a press pass probably makes the entire thing worth it as it allows me access to the players, and gives me a bit of credibility.

Credibility, which is the bloggers worst nemesis. Case in point, I got this tweeted at me tonight:


Now, this could have been done in jest, it could have been fun sarcasm. The internet is notorious for creating situations where sarcasm goes undetected. Or it could have been him being a straight up asshole, I just don’t know. Either way, it doesn’t matter. What matters is there are people who think like this, and there are people who view me poorly because of my blogger status.

Normally, I keep it all to myself. For the most part, I don’t react to a ton of stuff, I just take it in stride. People are going to say a lot of things about you in life, and not everybody is going to enjoy your personality, so for the most part, I am fine with just walking it off.

However, I might as well write my thoughts down once, just in case anyone is ever curious about my stance and view on things. Maybe only 2 people will read this (maybe I will hit refresh twice by accident and nobody will have read it) but I might as well use this as my personal therapy to wash off any resentment I may have built up.

Fun Facts About Me

– As with many writers, I constantly hate my own stuff and doubt my writing all the time

– I like to try different styles and projects to test my creativity, hence some of my articles will appear truly random

– I don’t have a massive ego. I don’t think I made it as a Province blogger due to some innate immense out of this world natural talent. I think I got an opportunity and I worked my ass off for it, of which I am very proud of. I do feel I can write at a decent level, which helps. I do not, however, look down on others or feel people are beneath me. Many people could do this job, I just happen to have got the gig right now, so I will enjoy the ride and work my ass off to keep doing it for as long as I am wanted.

– I love hockey. I really do.

– I love writing. I really do.

– I love talking to people on twitter and cracking jokes and talking about sports and whatever.

Those facts combined have made me what I am today in my “blogger” career. I know some people won’t like my style, and that’s totally fine. There are tons of other options for you to follow for sports. If you like your sports super serious, there are several options to choose from. Hell, just download the Canucks Ap, or TSN ap, and update your scores, and voila, you now have sports updates devoid of any humor.

The problem I have is when people look down on me as some random blogger due to my humorous styling. As if the fact I write in a comedic way and cover more light hearted fare puts me on the bottom of some phantom sports writing ladder.

I am not here to cover sports in a super serious way. Again, if that’s your thing, there are many other options available to you. God speed my friend. If I covered sports the same way, my tweets would just be me updating the Canucks scores.

“Henrik makes it 1-0.”

“Daniel makes it 2-0”

“Luongo makes a nice pad save.”

“Correction, it glanced off his blocker before hitting his pad, so it was a blocker save.”

It’s just not my style. I can and will do serious stories when they come up, but for the most part, the Province already has a ton of guys (plus other papers do too) covering the sports that way. I have been told on many occasions from my Province boss “I have 8 guys who cover the Canucks like that, we don’t want you doing that.” So I don’t.

I would prefer to do stories you don’t see everyday. Like for me, my biggest question after the Columbus game last week wasn’t “Did you guys give it 100%” or “Do you think this game is something you can build on?” it was “Hey Sestito, could you see through your jersey when you knocked out Foligno or was it a lucky punch?” The small nuances of hockey? That is the stuff I enjoy and is the kind of stuff that doesn’t often get asked. I would rather be the weird guy in the room asking odd questions over the guy piecing together if the Canucks stuck to the process enough.  Hell, one of my favorite articles I wrote last year was talking to Andrew Squared (Andrew Ebbett and Andrew Alberts) about their beards. It’s off the beaten path and it amused me.

Due to this, some people write me off as some pants-less blogger who doesn’t deserve a media pass. I find this odd because I know hockey, it’s not like I am googling how to talk hockey. Just because I enjoy hockey and like reporting on it a certain way, doesn’t mean I am some lowly piece of garbage who doesn’t deserve a press pass.

The funny thing about it is when I use my media pass, I act like all the other journalists. I keep my head down, I respect the rules, and I don’t ruffle feathers. I don’t run into the dressing room after a horrible loss, wearing no pants, demanding Daniel tell me if he has to fart in bed at night, does he do it under the covers or does he pretend he has to pee so he can fart away from his wife.

Oddly enough, I know how to behave and I know how to follow rules.  Shocking, I know.

And that’s another funny thing about this entire situation. The entire press row environment can be very stuffy. It’s almost like a game up there of “who can pretend to hate hockey the most” sometimes. It’s like if you take even the slightest enjoyment out of the game, somehow you’ve lost and you can’t be counted on as a credible reporter.

The thing is, again, I love hockey. I love good hockey plays. Oddly enough, I can go from screaming about a crazy awful stupid pass in overtime to writing about it 10 minutes later without emotion clouding my judgement.

Again, shocking, I know.

I just love hockey but I also know the time and the place to inject enthusiasm into my pieces, and I know when to take that out of them. I know the time and the place to ask players silly questions for light hearted articles. That time and place is not after a 3-2 loss to the LA Kings in OT.  Just because I enjoy a good fight in hockey and go “Hell yeah, what a fight!” shouldn’t mark me as some sort of lowly blogger.

At the end of the day, like I said, some people will hate me, some will like me. I will go on, they will go on, we will be fine. I just find it amusing when people paint me as a “blogger” as if it is some sort of insult that should detract away my credibility in hockey. Sure, go after my journalistic skills (I am terrible at asking cliched questions as a means to an end of getting actual information, this is a legit skill I am not good at) but to say my hockey knowledge is somehow tainted by the fact I enjoy hockey and joke around about it? That makes no sense to me.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrr. This chair be high, says I.


6 thoughts on “Life of a Blogger – Rambling mode activated

  1. I listen to 90% of the games on Sirius. Whenever there is any significant play I always refresh my twitter feed to get your take on it. I also read your wrap up blog once the dust has settled. I enjoy your view as it is entertaining and more often than not I get a good laugh.
    Let the haters hate, remember they follow you. There is a great scene in the movie Private Parts where the higher ups are talking about the statistics of people that listen to the Stern show and why they listen. Keep doing what your doing, all of us will keep reading. Even the haters.

  2. Interesting.
    I personally LOVE your blog. After a Canucks game (I live in Manitoba and don’t get to watch them on Sportsnet) I am always hoping for a new LOB post (“Post-Game Quotes I Wish Were Real”, is my very favourite) and I have laughed my way through many games following you on Twitter. The only articles I read regularly are written by you, J. Bowman, or the guys over at PITB. I figure that as a Canuck fan for many years, I have suffered enough, I NEED a laugh! I only wish I hade had access to this kind of reporting in the late 90s (dark days indeed!) I, for one, would be very disappointed (and, likely, depressed) if they only issued media passes to “traditional” sportswriters and I know I am not alone in this sentiment. Keep up the good work (oh and more PGQIWWR!)
    (Make that 3 readers!)

    • Thanks for the kind words! I will let Bowman know he needs to keep pumping out the post game quotes hahahah!

      I won’t change into a traditional style journalist anytime soon. Plenty of them to go around, plus I’m better at writing in my current style. Thanks for the support!!

  3. I’ve never read your articles in Province. Probably this is the first your piece that I’ve read. I like it. Good stuff. Cheers, man.

  4. I’m glad you wrote this so I can say that I LOVE your writing and love following you on twitter. You make watching and talking about hockey fun! Like someone else mentioned, I’m always looking to see what you and other non-serious guys like PITB and Bowman have to say because it’s interesting and funny and it’s what I want to be reading rather than the typical “Henrik from Daniel makes it 1-0″…I always look forward to reading your take on the game in your post game articles because they’re thoughtful and not full of negativity, and you’re not nitpicking at the same thing over and over again like most hockey article I find. I hope you continue doing what you’re doing and I for one am glad you have a press pass because I want to hear players talk about more than just how they “stuck with the process”!

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