The state of the WWE


Please go away. Just….go away.


Let’s start this blog off with a bang and discuss some wrasslin! Yes, I watch wrestling and yes you might hate it and think it’s stupid. If you do, the door is on your left. Or the right. I don’t know where I left it to be honest.

The point is, I enjoy wrestling and always will because it is mindless entertainment. Not everything I do needs to be the equivalent of discussing Paradise Lost and what it’s imagery REALLY says about Milton’s thoughts on humanity. Sometimes I just like watching good guys beat up bad guys, or bad guys doing mean things to good guys, and having their differences settled in athletic over the top pageantry fighting.

The part about it I like the most are the story lines. With good in ring wrestling being few and far between at times, at the very least I get enjoyment of seeing how the writers at WWE will set up a storyline, how they will develop a storyline, and how they will ultimately end a storyline. It’s fun to try and guess what they will do and it’s fun to be surprised by what they do.

The problem with WWE lately is that they are doing a god awful job of simple story telling.

The wrestling business was built upon the idea of bad guys vs good guys, and humanity itself has historically enjoyed the story of good vs evil. Yes, there is room for blurred lines, that can always add a fun dynamic, but at the end of the day, there needs to be distinct good guys vs bad guys so the audience can understand and follow along with the story line. It’s fun going to a show and getting ready to cheer the good guy and boo the bad guy. It’s not fun to go to the show and wonder if there will be a light that goes off letting you know who will be bad on the night.

Case in point, the entire WWE roster right now is in some sort of messed up situation where there is no clear cut bad guy. Look at the people who should be considered the main bad guys:


Randy Orton

Stephanie McMahon

Vickie Guerrero

Brad Maddox

All five of these people have done actions that could be taken as good and bad.

HHH – Buries Bryan, demeans him, orders him beat up, then turns around and goes after Heyman and makes his life miserable. This is weird because Bryan is a huge face, and Heyman a huge heel, so it makes no sense that HHH is being both good and bad. This confuses the audience.

HHH also needs to stop trying to be the “cool” bad guy, just play the role of a straight up classic villain. He gave himself the upper hand over Bryan for what, 3 months straight? He beat or had Bryan beat up at the end of so many shows that it became boring. Not only did that bury Daniel Bryan and stop his momentum, it also made the WWE title irrelevant as they held the title in flux during this stupid story line. Bryan’s only retaliation? He spray painted a car! OH MY GOD! He spray painted a car! What revenge!

In the old days of Austin vs McMahon (which is what this story line was based around, let’s not pretend otherwise), Austin got the upperhand on McMahon some of the time. This made it interesting as you would tune in every week to see who would win that weeks battle. During this storyline, Bryan has basically made out to be a little bitch and all you watched for was to see when he would be triple power bombed by the Shield. Yawn.

HHH has to paint a clear line of him being a bad guy. He has to stop getting the verbal upper hand on people. He has to stop trying to get people to like him for being a cool bad guy (like the people did with The Rock back in the day). Just be a villain. HHH has made one of the hottest guys in the company (Daniel Bryan) boring, and has somehow made the Big Show the guy in the spotlight. 42 year old Big Show. The face of the WWE good guys in the WWE.


Stephanie McMahon:  She has played the more traditional role of the heel out of the two, but even she has wandered from the evil lines. At one point she went head to head verbally with main bad girl AJ Lee, which again, why do that? Why blur lines?

Vickie Guerrero: Again, she usually does heel stuff, but then there she is punishing Del Rio randomly one night. Again, blurring the lines. STOP THIS.

Brad Maddox: Same thing as the others, some nights he is doing the bad guy stuff, other nights he is throwing Orton into a handicap match. It’s just plain stupid at this point.

Randy Orton: Arguing with McMahon’s and the Shield at times doesn’t make him the clear cut bad guy he should be. Also, he is being shoved in the back ground while HHH does all the talking. This has made Randy Orton a boring pawn in all of this.

I don’t know if the WWE got really on board with John Cena’s mixed reactions and felt that the blurred lines of crowd support was the wave of the future, but it is not. Stop complicating things. Make it simple. Give the crowd someone to boo and someone to cheer. That’s all you have to do. You do not need an entire roster of John Cena reactions.

The current storyline just feels like yet another situation set up for HHH to be in the spotlight. When he gets on the mic he talks. And talks. And talks. And talks for so long that it usually drowns any momentum any segment had. He is so intent upon looking more verbally clever than anyone else that he rarely gives the good guy the upper hand in any exchanges. This makes things very boring. It was not worth 3 months of HHH getting Bryan triple power bombed just so Big Show could punch him once.

Not that it should be a surprise, mind you. This is the same man that took Punk’s infamous pipe bomb phase, a time when even mainstream media was talking about wrestling again, the hottest angle in years, and somehow managed to turn that storyline into a HHH vs Kevin Nash match.

How do you go from hottest angle in years to old HHH vs old Kevin Nash? That’s just insane.

Anyways, I doubt much will change in WWE, but those are just my thoughts on the current product. It feels stale and I find myself reading recaps and skipping through the PVR of the show more and more. I hope they turn it around, but I feel like we are going to be stuck with The Authority for a long time.

PS. The only way to save this stupid Authority storyline is to bring Shane McMahon back on behalf of Daniel Bryan. So help me god if they randomly bring back Vince to be the guy who feuds with HHH….



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